This is a reimagining of Atari Adventure from 1980, made in pico-8. It has improved graphics and even more interesting interactions between items.

Use the arrow keys to move, z to pick things up, and x to respawn. The goal of the game is to return the Chalice to the Golden Castle.

If you're familiar with the original, this game uses the smaller map from mode 1, but with all the items from modes 2 and 3. There's no randomizer, but I might add that in the future. I also plan to add an epic soundtrack.

What inspired me about the original was how systemic it was, and how the bat and dragons went about their business regardless of what you did, making the game feel like a cohesive world. I tried to amplify this by making more systemic interactions between items and giving the bat more complex AI. 

Gameplay Elements

Keys open and close the castle door of the same color. Anything locked inside a castle can't get out. 

Dragons chase you and try to eat you. The Green Dragon guards the black key and the Red Dragon guards the Chalice.

The Sword kills dragons, even if you're not holding it.

The Bat picks up items and carries them around. It can pick up any item, just like you.

The Bridge allows you to cross over walls. You can't move on a wall while you are holding it, so you have to set it down in the right place to make it across the wall.

The Magnet attracts everything in the room. It's useful for getting back items that the bat has left on walls.

Extra Challenges!

Can you beat the game without killing any dragons?

Can you trap all the dragons (alive) in the gold castle with the chalice?

Can you beat the game without using keys? (yes, it's possible.)

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